Frequently Asked Questions

I have perfectly working bluetooth, but the program says "Bluetooth adapter not found"?

Most likely you have non-Microsoft Bluetooth Stack/Driver, like Bluesoleil, Broadcom/Widcomm or Toshiba. Our software works only with Microsoft Bluetooth Stack.

Does the software change any system files or bluetooth settings on my machine?

No. Bluetooth MAC Address is being written into the internal memory of your bluetooth adapter.

Why not all bluetooth adapters supported?

Method of changing Bluetooth Address may be undisclosed by chip vendor. Or it is impossible through HCI-USB interface.

Is it possible to run Bluetooth MAC Address Changer in a virtual machine like Virtualbox?

Yes, indeed.

I have a bluetooth temperature sensor, bluetooth tag, bluetooth headset, etc. and I would like to modify its MAC address. Is it possible to do this using Bluetooth MAC Address Changer?

Sorry, no. Only PC bluetooth adapters (USB dongles and built-in) are supported.

I failed to change my bluetooth MAC address using "bdaddr" utility on Linux. Is it worth to try Bluetooth MAC Address Changer for Windows?

Most likely no. Except the case your bluetooth adapter doesn't work under Linux at all (no driver).

I would like to change my bluetooth MAC address on Windows from a batch script (like with "bdaddr" on Linux). Is it possible?

Such command line tool for Windows is under development. Stay tuned.

Can you add a new feature?

Possibly. Write us an e-mail to let us know what you want and we'll see what we can do.

Can I get a copy of the source code?

Not currently. But we may eventually make the software open-source.

Last updated on 12.03.2016.

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